Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update on My "Dirt"

I haven't posted any progress for a couple of weeks because I wanted to give the Diatomaceous Earth a good chance to do what it needs to do.

Soooo-well, I've been on the stuff for three weeks now, a tablespoon in the morning and the same at night. Here's a few things I've noticed:

Hot flashes are somewhat better-not gone, mind you, but better.

I'm still sleeping wonderfully. I can get by on 6 or 7 hours a night and feel like it's 8 or 9. Most nights I sleep through until 6:00 or 7:00. This is new to me. Because of the fibromyalgia I woke up several times during the night and took anywhere from half an hour to 1 1/2 hours to just GET to sleep. Now I'm asleep usually within a half hour and rarely wake up.

This probably is partly due to the good sleep but my head is so clear. No more foggy brain-I can actually form coherent thoughts. I have a continuous feeling of well-being, something I've heard is common with the DE, but I'm a bit surprised by that. Happy, though, nobody likes a grump!

My sinuses are clear all the time. As a general rule, they would be clear sometimes and sometimes very congested. Now they're never congested.

People are still noticing that I'm not coughing as much. I had a gab fest on the phone this morning with a friend and she commented on the fact that I hadn't coughed once during our 1 1/2 hour conversation. Still coughing, just not as much. I did notice something this morning-the ink that our local newspaper uses usually sets me off in a huge coughing spell, but either they changed back to soy ink or I didn't react to their regular ink.

I'm still "cleansing," but it's becoming more consistent and not so (ahem) offensive. My urine is pretty dark, which is odd because I drink a boatload of water. Aha, I heard that it cleans the bladder. Which is the main reason I'm doing this-to get myself off the antibiotics.

One "detox" thing I'm experiencing is more muscle spasms. I had a spasm in the lower left side of my back which I've never had before, but it dissipated fairly quickly. I also have bumps on my skin, kind of like pimples only firmer. Just a few, but something I've never noticed before. Yep, I think my body is chucking the Candida!

Progress, I think, but I've heard from several alternative physicians that for every year you've had a condition it takes a month to heal. I've been coughing for 20 years, had fibromyalgia for about 25 years, and chronic UTIs for 41 years. I guess I'm in it for the long run. Thing is, if I didn't do this, where would I be in 20 months-so what do I have to lose? It's cheap and harmless so I can hang in there as long as I need to.

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