Sunday, October 27, 2013

Garden Bounty

We harvested the rest of the garden yesterday, since a huge snowstorm is forecast to roll in tonight. So what do I do with a ten pound cabbage? Well, first I cut a chunk off, about a fourth of it. Then I gathered up some of the carrots that we dug yesterday. Then I made this yummy stew.


1 1/2 pounds coarsely cubed raw chicken. (I prefer boneless thighs.)
1 small cabbage cut in bite sized pieces (Or 1/4 of a monster)
1/2 large onion, quartered and sliced
2 T butter, divided
4 carrots, coarsely sliced
Chicken stock, preferably organic or you could make your own
2 tsp Kirkland organic no-salt seasoning (If this isn't available, use your preference)
2 T potato starch
1 cup cold water
Salt and pepper

Cook onion in 1 T butter on medium heat until transparent. Add cabbage and carrots. Turn down heat and cover. Saute until cabbage is starting to cook down. At the same time Brown the chicken in the second tablespoon of butter. Salt and pepper to taste. When chicken is mostly done dump unto the pot with the cabbage, juices and all. Pour chicken stock over mixture-just until you can start to see it. Cover and simmer until everything is tender, about a half hour. Mix potato starch with cold water and stir into stew to thicken.  Serve over potatoes, rice, or my favorite-mung bean threads.