Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Thing I Can't Have!

I thought, after reading the label, that the Starbucks Mocha coffee was safe for me to drink. Not so-it contains ascorbic acid and I just Googled it and it also is derived from corn! This is just not fair-all I want is a little treat now and then. Manufacturers don't care about people, just profits, and since corn is cheaper to use, they use it a lot.


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  1. Aw now now....So sorry bout that, but the good news is, you can make your own at home and save money! try Seattle's Best coffee, and brew it up! =o) Make extra and freeze it for a cool treat! Also, It's good you don't eat at Starbucks anymore anyhow, Planned Parenthood gets funds from them last I heard....

    Love in Christ,


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