Thursday, April 15, 2010


Overheard at a local cafe' this morning: One of the waitresses was complaining about having to accommodate peoples' food allergies. "Why don't they just stay home?" was her comment. I didn't know having allergies qualified you as a social outcast. Don't people with allergies have the right to as normal a life as we can get? I had walked to the restaurant for a coffee and was upset by what this gal said. I shed a few tears on my walk home. She's also the one that said mental illness is bogus.

Some day that "goes around" thing will get her. Sounds unchristian, but I hope I'm there to see it.

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  1. YIKES, how mean! I think people THINK that all the time but don't SAY it. It's sad indeed. We have food issues too, and it's hard to get along..we home school and my 8yo daughter Lilly loves it! As a freelance Christian Councilor (still learning), I council people and i know for certain that people do have mental problems that NOT THEIR FAULT. we also live in a fallen world, and mental illness is just one of those things that reminds us that we are fallen and sin that has led to pollutions and toxins...sin has entered the world and all our hearts are wicked like Jeremiah says...and we are in need of a savior.

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